Procon IT Solutions

Information Powers Your Bussiness !


Procon IT Solutions has gained its reputation over the last 12 years of successful operation on the local market. Started in 2003 by a group of  professionals, who undertook the task of developing a custom service for the local SME and Municipal market, and has had a strong foothold in the market ever since.Procon IT Solutions Website launched for your convenience. The Procon team lanched its all new web interface for our clients to easy access data online! We hope that this add on feuture will meet all your expectations.

Our Products and Services

Innovation by Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in local Government and private organisations, Procon IT Solutions render our professional services and products to comply in the objectives of our clients.


Our portfolio of services include:

 Network Management and Administration

Server Management and Administration

Infrastructure Management

Consulting Services to enforce IT Plans

Endpoint Security

Software Support and Maintenance

Hardware Supply and Technical Support

Data Backup Solutions and Services

Remote Desktop Management

Inventory Auditing

Patch Management

Pervasive SQL Database Support

Website hosting design and maintenance 
Our People
It takes an exceptional group of people to run a company like Procon IT Solutions. People who feel personally accountable for delivering outstanding results; people who embody our values, readily share their knowledge with each other, embrace continual change, and quickly identify and adopt the best way to get the job done. Our People are our most valuable resource.
Information Powers Your Bussiness !